The Blogger’s Bag | 10 Items You Will Need To Be On-The-Go!

The Blogger BagI carry a lot of stuff. Yes, I do. And I tend to have a fetish for handbags which isn’t something new, but considering I am a fashion blogger; the obsession has somehow catapulted to greater heights. Don’t get me wrong, a woman should not be caught without a good handbag, but there comes a limit to spending on a variety of handbags instead of investing in a single handbag. Cue in what I would like to call “The Blogger’s Bag”. Now, for the full time bloggers the world over it is not anything new, but here in Zimbabwe it will be a first as I share it with you. The Blogger’s bag is essential when you are on-the-go and require everything in one place. So be it you are having lunch, attending a press conference, have a scheduled meeting or some free time to yourself; inspiration and opportunity can bounce from any corner. Which is why you need to be prepared. Below I list the 10 items you will need whilst you are on-the-go (Blogger Style):

  1. Power bank – one thing that is unexpected and super annoying is a flat battery; be it your cellphone or tablet. It causes a panic attack that you might not need, especially in a time of urgency for Instagram and a quick tweet so a power bank is always essential. Invest in a good branded power bank that will last you longer.

2. Notebook – a notebook is always great to jot down ideas in the spur of the moment or develop your idea further if you have time on your hands. A notebook is also essential for any press conference, gathering, events and/or meetings you might attend. It’s also a great place for reference in the future. Carrying a notebook also shows how articulate and organised you are with your lifestyle.

3. Book/Magazine – a magazine is essential for inspiration and to stay ahead of trends. If you carry a magazine make sure it is a current issue that has all the latest fashion. A motivational/inspirational book is a great way to kill time but to also keep you going when you are feeling down. Read a page or two when you have some ample time to spare.

4. Stationary – alongside your notebook, you will require stationary which is your pen, pencil and highlighter. Don’t forget your business cards as they occasionally come in handy!

5. Smart phone – no blogger can go anywhere without their smartphone. Every imaginable app for your blogging is at your fingertips. So a smart phone is a must!

6. Camera – every good blogger knows your blogger kit cannot be complete without a great camera. A camera makes for great photographic opportunities and further great visuals for your blog. DSLR is a recommended camera for blogging (a bit on the heavy side but worth the investment).

7. Tablet – a tablet is great to have for back up, especially for situations where you do not want to carry your camera, your smartphone battery might be flat or you just need additional back up for photos and content. A tablet can be a life saver.

8. Water – it is always key to stay hydrated, with that invest in a good water bottle that can be a staple for all the errands you may need to run. Keep hydrated and keep cool!

9. Sanitary Bag – this can also double as your make up bag (for both male and female), and must have the usual essentials which will include; moisturizer, hand cream, lipgloss/lipstick, mascara, hairbrush, pocket mirror, pins, facial wipes, fragrance/perfume and powder for touch ups. This bag is essential as it spruces up your appearance in a flash!

1o. Light Snack – on the go means you do not stop! With that you need to fuel up, stay energized and on top of your game. Now instead of the usual junk food (crisps, chocolate, fast food, sweets or gum) invest in energy driven foods such as nuts, a banana, apple, peach and/or fruit juice. These foods retain your energy levels for longer without causing a craving effect but a fuller effect, especially if you are on a budget or time does not allow for a quick break. You could even invest in a small lunch box that snuggly fits in your bag to carry your snack.

Last but certainly not least, invest in a good handbag. One that will carry all your items listed above without bowing down to any weight or pressure. Designer handbags and/or totes are always best as they carry quality assurance and will last you longer. A good bag can last you up to 2-3 years with the right maintenance and care.

What are your essentials for a blogger bag? If you have a favourite go-to bag then let me know in the comments below.

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,

Signature Toscie!