The Tendai Kamusikiri Foundation for Iron Deficiency, Fitness, Health and Wellness is a Health organisation under the Signature Toscie brand, which is aimed at openly discussing and making impact towards Iron Deficiency and the betterment of Women’s Diet & Lifestyle. The Foundation will initially start off here on the site with articles, food reviews, how to’s, fitness and exercise. As it continues to grow and align its impact, we plan to move the initiative into the Zimbabwean community and society as we raise awareness and knowledge about what Anaemia entails and further discussing simple and yet affordable ways to achieve a healthy diet. Now the main two definitions of the Foundation is emphasis on adequate Health and good Wellness; which in simple translation is the Dietary Supplement and Wellness. I felt that there wasn’t enough or appropriate information online that documents or openly shares what Iron Deficiency is especially for the African Woman; yet it affects majority of the modern African Woman. I could be wrong, and there might be ample information out there that might have passed me by or that I am not aware off, but my passion still runs deep for this new Foundation and I am excited to share the information I have been gathering thus far.

You can read more about the Foundation HERE and HERE.