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Fashion Bloggers incur expenses! As much as we look fabulous on our blogs and bring you the latest dish on fashion trends; there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that nobody knows about.It’s not like we choose to sugar-coat things or that we actually have the time to look that good! No. In fact, you can call us out for living a “double- life” – one that is normal and one that revolves around Fashion. Our blogger expenses revolve around money! Yes, half the time our blogs rotate around cash! Cash that we need for new clothes, for an upcoming event to which I purchase my own ticket, cash to cover transport costs or simply petrol for the car! Cash to purchase food or a drink as I mix and mingle at an event and well cash that I will need to buy airtime when I am stranded at an event (Call a Cab!). So to better understand these “blogger expenses”, here is a rundown of some of those expenses:

New Clothes

With #OOTD posts and “What I Wore” looks on your blog, there is the real reality of you investing in your wardrobe. This means constantly staying up to trends and constantly finding new ways to be creative with your clothing. I am not saying spend a fortune on a new closet every 3 months, but there is need to bring fresh style ideas to your readers every so often. Your personal style and individual taste are two of your strongest tools that can help you create fresh looks by mixing and matching the old and the new. My advice here is stick to classic pieces and invest your time in thrift shopping to cut down your costs (because trends come and go in a snap!). In shorter terms, BE CREATIVE!


I am not sure where to begin with events, but I will say a lot more events will fill up your calendar as a fashion blogger. It’s not because as a fashion blogger you have received your invite as part and parcel of media, but your internal gut pretty much wants to be there! You want to attend not only for your blog but also for the exposure that you and your blog will potentially receive. You want to attend because you will have a good time (of which you will), and whilst you’re at it meet like-minded people who have a burning desire for fashion just like you do. Then reality hits! There is that realness that has to do with the costs of you being there; unless you are a celebrity, VIP or have connections of some sort then your night out is pretty much sorted. But if you are regular gal like me then start planning your funds for that event two weeks prior. These funds will cover the transport, ticket price, food and/or cash bar, airtime and your attire for that evening. My advice when it comes to events is stick to the ones you feel you will benefit, if the location is beyond your travelling vicinity then don’t go. If the pricing for that event feels out of your budget then don’t go.

Eating Out

Eating out requires Meet N’ Greets, which could be follow ups from connections you have met at an event. A typical meet n’ greet will require a restaurant or café, preferably have coffee or a brunch. As fabulous as this may sound, it all runs back to money, and as a blogger that’s another expense to consider. Instead of eating out, try having your next meet n’ greet at your local art gallery or an open internet café that offers a seating area for its guests. You gain more out of a direct contact conversation with the next person and it’s a relief to your pocket.

Airtime and Data Bundles

Your social media engagement for your blog is just as vital as the fresh content you create. Your readers need to know and feel that you are present, which means your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest need to be up to date! All this engagement will require the presence of your smartphone and data bundles whilst on the go. Telecommunication networks such as Econet and Telecel offer their subscribers broadband packages to suit your budget; from daily data bundles to Opera Mini bundles, there is a selection of packages to choose from that can better benefit your blog.

Therefore to conclude, blogging is a business that revolves around you investing your time, money and effort into creating, and sustaining your brand. So adequate planning and management is required to run a successful fashion blog!

Stay Gorgeous!