IG - @signaturetoscie

IG – @signaturetoscie

Often times I am caught up with a million ideas chasing through my mind that come from instant bursts of inspiration. It could be a newspaper article that catches my eye, a clothing boutique, a dress displayed by the window shop or a building in the heart of the city. In most cases it is always advised to write down your ideas as soon as they come, because some of the best ideas come at a spontaneous moment! So what to do when you are on-the-go and cant whip out your notebook in a public setting? Rely on android apps! Since our smartphones continue to evolve so does the ability to blog with your phone. I have found it easier to jot down my ideas using the following apps; Evernote, Pocket and Hootsuite. Whether I am stuck in a queue or curating at an event, I have found it easier to whip out my phone and quickly jot down ideas using apps.


Evernote is perfect for the individual on the go! You can quickly jot down ideas as they come, you can schedule your day and connect it to google. You can categorise all your notes into notebooks and collaborate via work chat with like-minded individuals. All your notes are backed up as soon as you hit a wifi spot or internet connectivity. Even better is you can synchronise Evernote to your laptop and tablet so that all your clippings and notebooks are automatically backed up. It’s simple, easy and free!


Pocket gives you the freedom to save and clip articles you love straight from your browser! So if you spot an article or blogpost you like online, you can save it to read it later with Pocket. Categorise your saved articles with tags and favourites which can be super useful when planning your next blogpost. I love the bonus feature of the recommended tag that gives you recommendations of your clipped articles in your list. Pocket is also free and easy to use. Just like Evernote it backs up your work through internet connection and can synchronise on all your devices.


Hootsuite was the first app I used to manage my blog’s social media. Hootsuite is an app that brings together all your social media profiles under one roof; giving you room to manage them at a glance without having to log into soo many of your social media profiles. The great feature about Hootsuite is the ability to switch between tabs and streams as your timeline continues to flow infront of you. Recently Hootsuite just added Instagram to their streams, so now I have the freedom to schedule an Instagram post whilst I am busy focusing on something else. Hootsuite gives you room to schedule your tweets, facebook posts and Instagram posts as your day continues to go by. Because sometimes as a blogger you can’t be consumed in a million things all at once. So these apps are created to make your life easier and your blog more function-able.

So now I turn to you; which apps do you use to run your blog? If not which app will you be downloading from the above to help you run your blog? Do share in the comments below.

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,