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Earlier in the year, I was watching a video by Kenyan Radio and Media Personality, Caroline Mutoko. It came across to me at a time where the blog’s online store was at its inception stage. ”Stop buying RUBBISH!” was the opening sequence that caught my attention; to which I watched the video twice more just to let it sink in. The title of the video was “Where did my money Go?” and the statement that caught my attention was clearly “stop buying rubbish!”. As a fashion blogger this automatically struck out to me! My blog is premised around clothing, fashion, bags, shoes, events and the latest in anything and everything! To which sometimes as bloggers we tend to spend more than we can afford because our line of work always requires us to be up to trend, and social media tends to push us to a limit that is sometimes unrealistic. During that moment I also came to realise that in fact Caroline was right; half the items in my closet are either re-repeated, worn once or never been worn. Which made me realise that half the clothing and bags I use have become “comfort pieces” that I feel comfortable using and wearing everyday whilst commuting, for church or at home. Half of that rarely ever see the light of day! So that got me thinking (and downsizing) to fully maximize my wardrobe and my work to suit my current blogger lifestyle. As everything around me continues to evolve, I have realised I am fairly more comfortable wearing black, carrying a single black handbag, black dress, black jumpsuit and black pumps. The rest of the stuff feel like complete impulse buys at a particular point of a trend or season and has now resulted in dead weight in my closet.

With this blog post, I hope we can help each other by creating a strict program to cut back on the impulse buying and instead invest our money in other aspects of our life than a burgeoning closet. Yes, holiday destination for December can officially begin by starting to save our pennies NOW!

Budget Your Shopping List

I tend to always have a list of the items I want or admire for my closet, with a long list of signature pieces that would fit soo well with my blog’s aesthetic. The secret to this is to budget your money each month. Put aside a few coins that are relevant to what you need not what you want! Add value to your closet (or life) by buying classy and quality pieces that can work in all areas of your lifestyle be it for travel, home or work without too much fuss of purchasing something new last minute. Budget your monthly shopping list to at least 10 simple items and 3 big items. Simple items could be your basic hair products, a new hair style, pads or maybe you want to add a basic white t-shirt. Big items can be investment items such as a new camera or putting away money for a new computer which you can carry over to the next month until you reach your financial goal. Another trick is to have a three month goal (quarterly targets), that can help you achieve a singular investment goal every three months in your one full year.

Stick to it!

Simply stick to it! Don’t buy another handbag unless you absolutely need it or it is a gift for a friend’s birthday a few months away. Because what’s gonna happen is you will purchase the bag, only to use it once or twice and only to find out later that it only matches with three outfits in your whole closet. Stick to your budget shopping list by further identifying your go-to stores for all shopping. Do your research at least two weeks or a month prior so that you know your exact shopping destination. You need not to walk into every store and see the same bag in different styles or colours. Stick to the original shopping plan.

Think About Your Closet At Home

As Signature Toscie I am building my closet every day; on my Pinterest, Instagram and Polyvore accounts. You can tell that my style is sleek, edgy, chic with a touch of class. With that I have become very conscious with my style and styling as to how I portray and emulate my image. This further helps me determine what pieces I need to add to my closet to stick to my aesthetic. The older I become, the more polished and refined I want Signature Toscie to be; so chances are my closet will have less and less of current trends and more of tailor made and vintage pieces. Hence my shopping list will be built around adding quality (and refinement) to my already existing closet at home. In short, I pretty much shop with my ideal closet in mind.

You Don’t Need That!

And you probably honestly don’t! If you are a fashionista like me, then don’t buy into the shop assistant’s selling pitch, you will feel robbed when you get home with 10 shopping bags and no money in your wallet (you left it at the store with the sales assistant). Know and understand your body and lifestyle. Decipher what works and what doesn’t work for you. That dress on the mannequin may look great on the mannequin, but not necessarily on you and that shoe looks great paired with the croc clutch on display but can you walk in it? Remember at the end of the day you are investing in YOU! Don’t impulse buy to compete with the next person, but purchase because you see it working in your life.

When it comes to controlling your impulse buying, there has to be a level of strict maintenance to your finances and budgeting. Make it a mission to jot down a list of everything you feel you want, be it in a diary or planner. As time goes along go through your list and see what fits and what doesn’t. You will be surprised half those items on the list don’t make a significant impact in your life and you could invest your money towards long term financial goals.

Whilst you are sorting out your shopping addiction, don’t forget quality over quantity (one designer handbag equals ten fast fashion bags you do not need).

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous!

Signature Toscie.