Easy Homemade Meals

I guess when you are a fashion blogger, the immediate transition from fashion to events is food! As of late I have started an at-home craze of keeping a food diary; what with the free time I have whilst reading magazines and watching episodes of Come Dine with Me and Gordon Ramsey on the Food Network. The food bug has definitely hit its core! Now I would like to prepare my readers for potential restaurant food posts in the future; but as of now I start the journey at home in my very own kitchen where in the past two months I have been whipping up yummy easy recipes courtesy of the yummly app and the brand new Food Lover’s Market in the neighbourhood.

More than anything I enjoy cooking, especially the freedom that I get to create and experiment with different food stuffs and substances; as I continue to grow in the healthy eating department. The Healthy Eating Department (as I would like to call it), has prompted me to look at ingredients, food labels, manufacture and expiry date on all foods purchased. As well as the Halaal stamp of approval under the National Halaal Authority of Zimbabwe.

The following recipes I am going to share are super simple, straight forward but pretty yummy on any given weekend. The bonus factor about these recipes is that they are food items that you can actually find in your kitchen, items that only cross your mind in a singular manner as you create a meal OR when you go out to eat or grab a bite at your local supermarket’s Deli.

Homemade Salads

Nothing beats the freedom of creating a salad straight from your kitchen! The ingredients are pretty simple, with the ability to toss and be creative with different food stuffs. The inspiration I got came from the yummly site and of course reading around whilst also observing the deli section in supermarkets (just so I can get a visual perspective on how I can create my own recipe at home). The trick lies in lettuce being the main ingredient, everything else comes into play as you experiment and read around on simple how-to salads. The two following salads I created were a mixture of boiled eggs, avocado, chopped green pepper, Colcom’s Vienna sausage, leftover shredded pieces of chicken and a honey mustard salad dressing that sets you back at least $4.00 in your local supermarket. Both of them yummy, scrumptious and super easy.

Homemade SaladHomemade Salad

Roasted Peanuts

Roasted peanuts can easily be purchased in a food outlet and they are traditionally cooked in the village as a light snack. Growing up in Zimbabwe I am sure we are quite familiar with roasted peanuts. But only recently have I discovered its health benefits in fibre and roughage; and also great for your teeth! I have always had a liking for roasted peanuts, but even more so now as I have jotted them down in the Healthy Eating Department as a simple and easy at home snack.

Roasted Peanuts

Fresh Chips/Potato Wedges

Homemade fresh chips are great, if not better than the versions in fast food joints as you have the freedom of monitoring oil consumption during the deep frying process. But emphasis here is on switching the traditional tomato sauce and vinegar with mayonnaise or food dip (that you can gladly make yourself or buy in your local food depot). It’s that little switch that makes a whole lot more difference when it comes to taste, which could be compromised overtime.

French Fries

A Simple Sandwich

Sandwiches are pretty straightforward to make, great for the lunchbox but can eventually get boring overtime. Factors such as choice of bread and monotonous ingredients could become a bit of a drag, which is why a lot of creativity needs to come into play when making wholesome and exciting sandwiches for the day. I found it quite refreshing to switch up the bread (I used Portuguese bread from Food Lover’s Market below), and adding a few newbies such as fresh peppers, onion shalots, shredded pieces of meat or a different food/salad dressing to add some pizzaz!


Waffles for Dessert

I am not a baker, but the closest thing to baking for me is making homemade waffles! I believe they should be consumed any day and at any time. I have the power to add different contents to make my own version of waffles without having to compromise the strawberries and icing sugar for taste. Waffles are a simple home dessert which you can make with a simple waffle maker and batter to the mix. Serve your homemade waffles with either ice cream, strawberries, bananas or sieved icing sugar.

Homemade Waffles

Homemade goodness brings the joys of cooking in your own kitchen and having a massive food party with yourself. Not only that, but there is the undeniable factor that one saves money from cooking at home instead of the usual dining out. If you take a closer look, some of these food recipes just require patience, time and an open mind to battling it out with kitchen utensils!

Until next time in The Healthy Eating Department; what is your FAVOURITE homemade recipe that you would like to share? Or what have you decided to change or add to your current diet? Hit me up in the comments section and I will be sure to reply!

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