IMG_7240 IMG_7250 IMG_7262 IMG_7269 IMG_7278 IMG_7290This is the last post, talking about the FBA ZIM Concept Shoot alongside Chic Street Studio and Black Opal Zimbabwe. Now since it being the last round up, I wish to touch quickly on local fashion; which if you are aware has been discussed quite frequently on the blog in the past. I always ask one defining and simple question; do you know your local designers? Of course maybe I do, as a fashion blogger I am intrigued by all things fashion! So indefinitely I have my favourites. But our designers seem to be non-existent to the local Zimbabwean, why is that? Is it only confined to a few? Or there are no proper structures in place to give them the much needed exposure? Now, we could go on all day about what needs to change in the Zimbabwean Fashion Industry or what needs to be added etc; but the undeniable fact is we don’t know our local designers and we don’t know our Zimbabwean Fashion Industry.

Moi Amara is a designer brand by Jenika Shah; a former stylist and currently Head Designer from India. Jenika relocated to Zimbabwe in 2013, to which she re-established her brand in Harare as well. She has showcased at various fashion shows in Harare, two of which include Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2014 and Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2014. Moi Amara’s designs are a combination of Indian culture pieces, which also includes modern and trendy clothing. For the FBA ZIM Concept Shoot, Moi Amara made sure we were fun and flirty but still sticking to our individual tastes. Now that you know a little bit about Moi Amara; I challenge you to know more about your local designers! Not just clothing designers, but jewellery artisans, crafters, creatives and even fashion bloggers! Who is/are your favourites and what do you love about them? Share in the comments below!

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Dressed in Moi Amara

Make Up by Chic Street Studio using Black Opal Cosmetics

Photography by Mush Visuals


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