2014 was the year I started to have themes for the year. A theme that was just singular but one which I broke down into goals, aspirations and resolutions. Growing up, a part of me has always known the type of woman I wanted to be; I still envision that today and from these themes I create; I curate an easier and more structured plan to where my life is going. I am sure you are wondering what theme that could be and If life really needs a plan! All I can say is there is no real plan to life, but always knowing what you want makes the life journey that much more intriguing. So 2015 was the year of #InTransitioning, as I continued my work in blogging I also had to focus on the spiritual aspect of things that naturally comes with age. That old age adage that nothing truly prepares you for life, was the highlight of 2015.

Welcome signaturetoscie.co.zw

It had been a pending goal for a good year, but finally the blog moved to a new home under WordPress courtesy of the guys at Royalty Webhosting. Nothing is more fancier (and awesome) than having your own blog domain complete with the dotcodotzw. The blog started its journey in 2012 on Blogger as signaturetoscie.blogspot.com, but now it’s a local production under www.signaturetoscie.co.zw. (I will honestly put it out there that I felt very important each time I spoke about the blog to someone new, or even when I mentioned it now has a domain). Biggest accomplishment for 2015!

Official Fashion Blogger for Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2015

Nothing beats the excitement and true honour that was officiating Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe as their Fashion Blogger for 2015. If they asked me to do it again for 2016, I definitely would! A platform that truly engages the Zimbabwean consumer to the designer with their established Designer Trunk Shop by Arundel Village and a #FWZ015 programme that brought Kenyan PR guru and Pan African Fashion Enthusiast, Diana Opoti plus Runway Production guru Jan Malan. I wouldn’t give too much away but best believe the experience of exchanging words with some of Africa’s renowned Pan African Professionals was just the icing on a scrumptious cake! Cue 2016 please!

Maita Marimo

Very First Chic Street/Black Opal Makeover

I have been very open about my Naturalist stance on the blog, which includes all of the blog’s social media about my lack of knowledge regarding make up. I have also have been openly honest about having only two beauty products in my life; lip glass and mascara (make it three with Face Wash!). With that lip glass and mascara my preferred brand was always Sleek Make Up because I was initially drawn to their lipstick colour range, so naturally I glided towards the brand for mascara as well. For some reason 2015 had a different plan in the Beauty Department. Under the association of FBA ZIM alongside 3 bloggers, we all had our very first Chic- Overs with Chic Street Studio courtesy of Black Opal Cosmetics. One word to describe the experience was amazing! From the service, to the make up artists to the Black Opal products applied on our skin, including the Before & After pics was truly an experience within its own. Reviewing the brand and the studio would definitely be a 5 star experience from Signature Toscie. Another added factor about Black Opal is their Black Opal Face of Zimbabwe (BOFOZ) competition that is open until February 2016.

Chic Over with Chic Street Zimbabwe

ZIWA Nomination

It’s always an honour when the blog gets nominated on prestigious platforms because it reaffirms the hard work is paying off (not only that but someone out there is reading your blog!). One such nomination that stood out for me was the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA) 2015 where for the first time Zimbabwean based Fashion Bloggers were acknowledged on their platform. Although the award did not come home, the recognition within itself is truly something to cherish as Zimbabwe is slowly moving towards the right direction.

ZIWA Fashion Blogger of the Year

So that was 2015 in review! I am excited for 2016 even moreso now as I plan to launch the Blog’s very own Online Store. Come February 2016, a store will be added to the evolving Signature Toscie Blog.

So let’s get the conversation going, what has been your highlight of the year 2015? Any ups or downs, share with me in the comments below.

Forever Gorgeous and Unmistakeably Glamourous,

Signature Toscie!