#TheEvolution – it is always interesting to look back at the year and reflect on what it was. From goals attained to new adventures and looking forward to new beginnings or to minor setbacks that taught us a valuable lesson. I think with each New Year, we look to create a vessel of high hopes for better expectation and execution. We look back at a year and calculate what we failed to accomplish and bring it forward into the new season. Or in some cases we celebrate what we have accomplished no matter how small it is, it was a step in the right direction. With that I am going to share top 3 highlights that made our 2016;

Signature Toscie Style Sessions

First of all the response was AMAZING! The Style Sessions are the blog’s quarterly Women’s Style Brunch that covers Business, Fashion and Style. The first official event was in August in accordance with Women’s Month, backed up by an amazing panel of Zimbabwe’s style savvy Influencers and Enthusiasts who shared their stories and inspirations within the fashion realm. The second one was more discursive and informative as we focused on African Beauty, Skincare and Wellness Standards with our revolving hashtag #LoveTheSkinYouAreIn. The Signature Toscie Style Session (#STStyleSessions), are a perfect example of celebrating Zimbabwean fashion and style whilst empowering women with all the right tips and tricks for a Fabulosity lifestyle!


ELIXIR By Signature Toscie

So on the onset of 2016, we launched our online store. But after some reflection and abit more research, it did not fit well with the blog. But during the inception of the Signature Toscie Online Store; ELIXIR emerged. ELIXIR is not anything new (at least in my world), since it had been sitting around for quite some time now; but 2016 was its official release and the beginning stages of development. ELIXIR is a classy and sophisticated RTW clothing line curated by Signature Toscie. Our pieces will be comfortable, modern and tailored to a Glam aesthetic that stays true to style. Kindly find ELIXIR on Facebook and Instagram, as we begin to roll out our new season pieces.


Industria Clothing Collective

I remember I first spotted Industria on Instagram and without a doubt fell inlove with the interior décor, the aesthetic and just the social media presence of the store. I was pretty much sold! Fast forward about a month later after sharing them on the blog, I started shopping at Industria and it has been an amazing love affair of fashion ever since! Their store has expanded since then and now boosts a men’s section, teens and kiddies section plus they have a range of local Zimbabwean designers at your shopping disposal. Their location is situated at One Hurworth Road, with the ever popular Queen of Hearts Café and the newly opened Curves gym. Check out the blog’s tag of Industria Clothing Collective HERE.

Industria Clothing CollectiveTaliana Gina Dress (8)Here’s to Wishing you a Happy New Year and Blessed new season! Do not be discouraged or afraid to follow your dreams, the time is NOW! Don’t compromise for perfection or attention; just compromise on execution. I hope you have enjoyed the blog’s Top 3 Highlights of 2016. #ThisIsMeNOW

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,