The Real Girl’s Guide to taking Care of your Handbags

A girl cannot be caught without two things; shoes and handbags! Shoes and handbags are the two main primary concerns of accessories, without them your outfit is just well another outfit. What shoes and handbags do is to elevate your outfit without you or the next person even noticing! It really has to do with mixing and matching both; some people prefer matching their shoe colour to their bag colour. But that’s another post for a different day. Today’s post will focus on taking care of your handbags.

Like taking care of your clothes, your handbags need that mutual love and care so that they last longer and have a less wear & tear ratio. The tips I am going to share are simple and basic, ones that I adopt to take care of my bags. Even when you google them, you will come across the same information, but I would like to run this post down to Zimbabwean crowd.

What are you carrying?

As girls we tend to carry everything! Make up, diary, pads, notebook, magazine, wallet, toiletry bag, phone, extra pair of shoes, hairbrush and sometimes tablet. Depending on your lifestyle sometimes you might need all of these, and sometimes you don’t. Just because the bigger the bag equates to the more you carry; doesn’t mean you have to flood your bag. No! Try to sit down and evaluate what you need and what you don’t need, what bag you feel comfortable carrying and what your potential day ahead will be like. I will give an example of myself; I like totes, the bigger the better, because as a fashion blogger I tend to carry everything. Besides that, I feel naked without a tote, even if it’s just another normal day out, I feel more comfortable with a black tote just in case I end up downtown on a bargain hunt. Now if you prefer mini carry-alls or side bags then there is no need to fill it up with unnecessary things, the same goes for totes – the heavier the contents in your bag, the more likely it will have a short shelf life in your closet. So watch what you shove into it!

Storing your Bag

Where you store your bags and how you store them is very crucial. Don’t shove your bags altogether in one corner of your closet OR leave them pile up in a mini little area in your room. Simply because bags are prone to dust and discolouration due to your bags different textures and factors of air and humidity in a room. When a bag becomes discoloured, especially if stored with different bags of different textures; it tends to become difficult to realign their original colour back, even if you feel you might not use them in the future OR you believe a simple cleaning process will do the trick; e.g. leather handbags and polyester bags tend to discolour quite easily if not well maintained.

Make use of old shopper bags such as this green one to store your handbag OR take an oversized plastic bag, such as the one pictured from Jet to store your bag.

Make use of old shopper bags such as this green one to store your handbag OR take an oversized plastic bag, such as the one pictured from Jet to store your bag.


Simple Cleaning…

Sometimes all you need is a wet cloth and home detergent to wipe off the dust and smug that accumulates on your bag. If possible, try to invest in leather cleaner and conditioner, primarily used to clean car seats and leather sofas. It can also be used to clean and polish your handbags leaving a shiny finish. Try to clean your bags every once in three months to keep them intact; if you have one you frequently use then try to clean it every so often but not more than after three months.


Try to keep its Original Shape

The shape of your handbag will tend to shift and alter after a significant period of time. Prolong periods will result in it completely losing its shape, depending on how you use it. To keep its shape intact I like to store old things in mine; such as old clothing, old newspapers or old magazines. These things help to keep the bag intact when stored away even when I am not using it for a long period of time. Take notice of when you purchase your handbag; have you ever noticed that it is somehow stuffed with old newspaper pieces and shreds? Try to adopt the same mentality when you store them away for a particular season.


If you are like me and like to be super thrifty and conventional, then this is a trick to try. Roll up old denim or scarfs to fill up your bag whilst also creating new space in your closet for new clothes; then store away. What’s great about denim is you can keep it for longer and re-adjust them in the future. Ripped denim trend anyone?


Old magazines make for a great read and sudden spasms of fashion inspiration!

Next time before you decide to shove your bag into your closet after a long weekend or busy day; try to quickly adopt at least one of these tips before your next adventure with your handbag. Trust me, your bag will thank you later!

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