Simple Summer Beauty Tips

By Clare Oparo of Wolf and Moroko

Simple Summer Beauty

Wolf and Moroko

When the sun comes out in all her glory, you might need to update your beauty routine. Store away the heavier, creamier formulations and bring out the light weight, long wearing, non greasy formulations packed with antioxidants and sun protection.

Nothing else says it as well as a glowing, radiant complexion during the warmer months of the year and this handy checklist will keep you dewy and fresh faced all summer long.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is essential to your summer skin care! Inadequate sun protection will bring endless harm to your skin. Dryness, dehydration, uneven tone and skin cancer are just a few of the problems that come with the irregular use of sunscreen. While sunscreen technology has a long way to go in the Western world, what with most of the formulations leaving behind a ghastly greasy mess on the skin, many Asian brands make great quick absorbing sunscreens.

To amp the sun protection even more, don’t forget a wide brimmed hat and some stylish sunglasses! Très chic.

Staying Shine Free

If you are planning to wear makeup during the summer, then using long wearing formulations, from your foundation to your mascara, is essential. Long lasting formulations won’t flake or smudge as quickly when you’re active in the heat, which is something we beauties are grateful for – there’s a thin line between dewy and oily.

Make sure to use products that are specific to your skin type to avoid crossing said line. If you have oily or combination skin, use an oil absorbing moisturizer or mattifying primer. If you have dry skin, a hydrating primer or regular moisturizer will be fine.

After priming your skin, apply a tinted moisturizer or foundation, powdering just your T zone and use blush on your cheeks. Orange blush is very flattering on women of color.

Lip Care

A pop of color on your lips will make any summer beauty look complete – unless your lips are chapped.

Have no fear; a quick DIY solution involves mixing together some sugar and olive or coconut oil before rubbing all over your lips. It gets rid of any flakes and gets your lips ready for color!

With these simple steps, you will definitely have a fun, fresh faced look all summer long! What are some of your favorite summer beauty tips?

Clare Oparo is the founder of Wolf & Moroko, Africa’s only science based beauty blog. She loves skin care, thought provoking literature and fabulous shoes.

Twitter : @WolfandMoroko