“Beauty is within the eyes of the beholder” – holds onto the connotation that different people have different views or perspectives on what is beautiful. Seeing beauty in something is the meaning of being content and satisfied. As the writer, I always try to depict the positive in anything and everything. In most cases it’s not ever easy nor hard, but straddles upon uncertainty. The beauty I would like to see is within the wholeness and being of an individual – just being happy with yourself, your body and your environment (having a peace of mind). There is no real formula to achieve true happiness and satisfaction, but I have always believed that everything around you starts within yourself.

It’s all in the mind

A friend once said to me you have the power to achieve anything you want in life because it is all in the mind. Shifting how you perceive each situation is the start to a healthy and happy you. Trying new things or facing old fears is that giant leap that makes life all the more interesting and eye-opening. Seeing the positive out of a difficult situation helps to give you a strength that is unknown and prepares your mind to come up with a solution. The mind is the strongest virtue to mankind, use it well.

Get it Movin

Exercise is great for both the body and the mind. It calms your mind, whilst working on amping up your body’s stamina and those feel good vibes. Sure you get sticky and sweaty, but nothing beats the feeling you get after a good work out. I suggest 3 workout sessions per week for 30 minutes a day, in the comfort of your own home OR yoga OR a good jog in your neighbourhood.

Good Food, Great Body

Watching what you eat is crucial. Healthy eating combines a fruit a day and a healthy eating time schedule – 3 full meals a day with tiny snacks in between. Taking delight in food also means breaking out of your usual diet and trying something new – think exotic foods, quirky sandwiches, homemade smoothies and salads (which you can easily make from home using just the basics). One of my favourite sites (and app to use) for creative food is yummly.com. It’s truly versatile and yummy to use!

Do what you LOVE.

Nothing beats the feeling of doing what you absolutely love. Whether it is a hobby, your job or an activity; getting some time to enjoy your favourites is crucial to your well-being. If you have a job you love, then it’s all the more awesome to wake up to something that you absolutely enjoy every day. If you can find other means to express yourself, then go ahead and find your inner happiness. My expression is solely based within fashion. With each new day that comes, I always challenge myself to come up with new ways to excite myself and the blog.


Growth requires you to move away from certain things, whether good or bad. It really has to do with acceptance and understanding that some things don’t and cannot stay the same. Growth gives you room to explore and find yourself again with age, distance and time. Growth is part and parcel of life, sometimes that growth is a difficult circumstance in your life that teaches you new things and opens you to possibilities that where once unknown to you. If it’s one thing I have learnt about growth is that it is constant and non-restricted. It can happen at any time and reference of it can be used in the future.

There is no real formula to a happy and healthy life, but these are some of the tricks that can make even a tiny bit of a difference in your life. Finding God, having balance and working within a good support system are just the added ingredients to Stay Happy and Healthy!

Happy Living!

Tendai ♡

Stay Happy and Healthy

A balanced and content outlook, makes for a Healthy & Happy persona. Image Courtesy of www.glamour.co.za