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Have you ever wondered just what your internet service provider is? What packages do they offer you and the security of your download/upload speed? Part of the essentials of blogging is constantly being online, and constantly updating your social media platforms. And part of the essentials of being a Fashion Blogger is constantly staying in the fashion loop and ahead of all the trends with your audience. With our rapidly ever growing tech environment, we have to constantly live on the internet and on the web. As a Fashion Blogger, it always means I am always looking for a secure and safe Wi-Fi spot or internet café that offers the best broadband speed. You would be surprised how little acronyms like ADSL, Mbps and GB are starting to make more sense to me than ticking on what’s style trending right now.

So with that, I have chosen 4 ISPs in Harare that I am going to share with you. Tried and tested, to get the most out of my fashion blogging experience. Now Harare has a tonne of service providers to choose from, but this post will cover the writer’s experiences.

TelOne ADSL Broadband

Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications line; TelOne, has an internet division which is TelOne ADSL Broadband. Their broadband offers clients’ home and business based internet from a fixed telephone ADSL line that connects to a Wi-Fi modem giving you a surround internet transmission in the comfort of your home and/or office. They offer 4 bandwidth packages to suit your environment:

Basic – 10GB for $25

Silver – 25GB for $45

Gold – 50GB for $85

Platinum – Unlimited for $160

All packages are payable on a monthly basis and your data bundle only runs out when you have exhausted them completely! Recharging requires you to pay at any TelOne office in Harare OR by purchasing your voucher and renewing it to your account.

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Econet Broadband

Econet Broadband offers a variety of Mobile Broadband packages for their consumers, whether on your smartphone, tablet or iPad; you can access their services via your Econet line. All you have to do is choose from a list of bundle sizes that range between $0.50 for 5MB to $50.00 for 2500MB. All bundle packages are valid for up to 120 days from onset of recharge date.

Econet Broadband is great to use when you have a smartphone which allows you to blog, upload pictures and easily manoeuvre through your social media platforms whilst on the go! Even more so Econet has introduced Econet Wi-Fi Zone which are Wi-Fi hotspots dotted around the city. All you have to do to access it is to use your mobile number with the airtime or data bundles already in your phone by simply signing in via your mobile browser.

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UMax Broadband Internet

UMax Broadband internet is probably the fastest growing ISP in Harare for home, business or pleasure. As the writer, I am only familiar with the UMax Wi-Fi Hotspot which is MAXspot. MAXspot has a number of hotspots around Harare and it’s pretty straight forward, because all you simply do is purchase a MAXspot voucher, login and start browsing!

UMax also has flexible broadband packages for both home and the office with musheMAX and monthlyMAX. musheMAX offers 10GB for $45.00 per month whilst monthlyMAX has 20GB for $75.00 which comes with a free modem upon installation. UMax offers two modems for their clientele, an indoor modem and an outdoor modem to best suit your needs.

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ZOL (Zimbabwe Online) is Zimbabwe’s largest and most trusted ISP. It caters for both home and business with fiber connections, VSAT, wireless hotspots and broadband. Now with ZOL, I will share familiarity with ZOLspot and currently ZOL Fibroniks:

ZOLSpot – is broadband internet on the go, with over 100 ZOLspots spread out across Zimbabwe. I have had my experience with free ZOLspot at a few venues in Harare; The Book Café along Samora Machel, Joina City, Ster Kinekor cinema at Sam Levy Village and the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe. Free; because during at that time it was purely free browsing! Now they offer 30 day packages starting at US$15 for 5 GB.

ZOL Fibroniks – is ZOL’s new Fiber home based broadband package that comes with 6 monthly packages to choose from. One of which is the Basic Essentials pack with 15GB per month for $39.00. Now I have only seen the advertisement of this package but it seems quite promising with a free modem, free installation, Wi-Fi network in your home and can access ZOLsecure hotspots even when you are away from home. Although the package is no different from the home based ISPs as mentioned above, I still quite fancy the $1.30 a day deal on their advertising campaign.

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Nifty Little Definitions You May Need to Know!

ADSL – stands for Asymmetric Digital Line Subscriber which is a high speed internet access service that utilises the existing copper telephone links to send and receive data at speeds that far exceed conventional dial up modems. ADSL is an option for broadband internet access using the same telephone cables which maintain a permanent connection.

Broadband – refers to telecommunication in which a wide band of frequencies is available to transmit information. The wide band of frequencies allows information to be multiplexed and sent on many different frequencies within that same band concurrently.

Hotspot– a hotspot is where you can connect wirelessly to an internet network (wifi) using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Hotspots are usually confined to open air spaces such as restaurants, malls, cafés, hotels and even business parks. All it requires is the purchase of a voucher ID or an account with that particular network to access the services e.g. ZOLspot, MAXspot, Econet Hotspot and recently TelOne Wifi.

Of course this is not your usual fashion related post, but as the writer I wanted to highlight the co-relationship between fashion blogging in Zimbabwe and the prerequisite for constant internet access in the emerging zim fashion blog-o-sphere.

Now there are a number of ISP facilities to choose from in Harare and ultimately Zimbabwe as a whole. But these 4 services are the ones emanating from personal experience. Whoever thought that fashion blogging requires you to be conscious about your ISP – it gets you thinking that there is more to Fashion Blogging than just a post on my #OOTD or coffee breaks on Instagram!

Until next time, do share with me which ISP has made the most out of your (Fashion) Blogging experience in Zimbabwe.

Stay Gorgeous!