Transitioning from Natural to Relaxed Hair

In a previous post, I spoke about leaving the #NaturalHairMovement. If we can recall I cut my hair some time back in 2013, during a time where a lot was going on in my life. But coincidently at the time, short hair was making massive rounds so it almost felt like I was following a trend than cutting my hair for personal reasons. I am glad that I went with the big chop because it was the first time in over 10 years that I had cut my hair. So a fresh start was in order.

Having done so I got back into plaiting and styling braids, right around the time I was in the final year of my studies; that’s when the #NaturalHairMovement bug kicked in, and it came with a full force too! Not long before that I got into the sync of twist outs, spikes, coconut oil, curly twists and headwraps. My two favourites being the curly twist braids and head wraps. But the real story was that I found it extremely difficult to maintain my natural locks, especially when it came time to take out the old braids. I managed the spikes (done with a dry towel) but they only lasted a few days, then I spent a whole week in a headwrap as I waited for my next salon date to plait it all down again. It was tough because my hair was course, tight and barely manageable to comb. Even after doing the twist outs, the moisturizing and coconut oil; I still felt I couldn’t get it right! On other bloggers it seemed seemingly effortless, on me it was a different story.

So after months of speculating and thinking it through I decided to unanimously relax my hair in June 2015. I decided to plan and stick to a fool proof hair care regimen and invested in the Dark and Lovely Amla Legend oil range. I make sure every after two weeks I wash my hair with the Amla Legend 3 in 1 shampoo, to which I add the Amla Legend Replenishing Hair Mask as the final finish.

For the colder days, I opt to tie a head wrap to protect my hair and keep it warm. Why I decided to go relaxed again? For me it felt it was the best thing I could manage, not only on my pocket or time but with my style. Natural Hair is meant for some people, but for me it made me feel out of place and i found myself questioning my style aesthetic. Yes, it felt pretty awesome when people starred and admired the afro, but then I found myself hiding it under a head wrap instead of embracing it. Maybe it wasn’t the right time to have natural hair or maybe I didn’t have the urge or confidence to maintain it, but for now I will be keeping my hair sleek and straight.

Now i would love to hear from you! Did you transition to natural hair? What has been your experience and the advice you would like to share? Or maybe you feel more comfortable with relaxed hair? Either way, sound off and let me know what you think.

Stay Gorgeous through and through!

Tendai Sophia.


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