S/S 2017 is upon us in Harare and I genuinely look forward to three things about summer:

  1. Basking in the sizzling African sun
  2. Finding any good reason to dress up and look super cute
  3. Fruit juices, salads and sunglasses! Need I say more…

When you think of summer what do you think off? I think of Jacarandas blooming in the streets of Harare, a nice cold bowl of ice cream and the booming events that takeover the city from weekend to weekend. The two biggest trends I love this season are the off-the-shoulder blouses and tropical prints dresses, but this post will focus more on the summer accessories with a close (very close) imitation to the basket handbag trend. These are the top #STGlamlist must – have September pieces.

Red Mini Tote Handbag, Emirates | First of all the colour red is just super Glam, and I am saying this because it brings a strong sense of sophistication to an ensemble either as a red dress or an added red accessory. I cannot seem to leave the house without this red mini tote from Emirates. Not only is it super vibrant but its miniature size is perfect as a carry around whilst still keeping me stylish. It allows me to carry just the few essentials I need, without being bulky as I go about the day.

ZARA Monochrome Cotton Wool Clutch, DC Clothing Store – Sam Levy Village | The biggest international trend right now is the basket/woven handbags that are moving across various style aesthetics. Although this clutch is nothing close to basket or woven; the cotton and wool mixture gives it that excellent feel. It reminds you of a summer travel diary as you stylishly tour across the streets and market harbours of Italy or France with a little bit of adventure.

ZARA Loafers, DC Clothing Store – Sam Levy Village | These perfectly pink loafers are neat and elegant; they give you every reason to dress up girly and still be comfortable in a flat shoe. The bonus factor is the gold detailing on the sole that adds a bit of sparkle to your step.

Madison HNY Black Velvet Heels, Madison Heart of New York – Zando.co.za | Summer is the season of events, and I am sure most of you can testify to this. It is wedding season with a couple of dinner dates thrown in there, so naturally and obviously you need a shoe that does all the works and this Madison Heart of New York Black Velvet stiletto does it all. Black is a perfect versatile colour that takes you anywhere and everywhere because it is timeless, classic and stands the test of time! Ladies you need to invest in a black stiletto stunner for all those glam evening outings.

Gold Tribal Beaded Headpiece, ChipoLace Accessories – Local Designer | We think this is the perfect summer accessory, because not only is it handmade but it can be custom made to your requirement. Headwear and headgear is moving up from not just your hats but also headpieces and hair accessories that keep you stylish for the sunny season, whilst adding your own individual touch. To get your own custom head piece, check out ChipoLace Accessories on Instagram, Facebook or contact 0773 941 513. And bonus factor is they are made locally here in Zimbabwe!

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