Hello to you! I don’t know about you, but the current winter season in Harare has been somewhat interesting. Depending on where you are and which suburb you live in; the winter season has been a combination of both hot and cold. But that doesn’t really stop me from pulling out the works. Speaking of “pulling out the works”, I have been working on this new look series hitting the site today. It’s a “new look” because in the past I used to do these series every end of year as “The Glamlist“; sharing my favourite and top trends for that particular year. Along the way it took a halt for a bi,t but now I re-introduce it today as “The ST Glamlist”. This new look series will feature some of my current favourite trends, styles, pieces, décor, food, outings, restaurants and boutiques in Harare, Southern Africa and beyond. I am really excited to bring this back with a fresh new aesthetic and approach as I have grown soo much since the last Glamlist a few years back. The ST Glamlist will come once a month as your go-to list of things super Gorgeous and Glamourous that I find, snap and share as I go along.

Without further ado, here is my list of June favourites for The ST Glamlist:

  1. Felt Panama Hat, The Factory Store – Sam Levy Village | A hat is super essential, and a fedora hat is super stylish for the winter and pretty much the whole year. I particularly love hats for those bad hair days when you have a tonne of errands to run, and I even love them more for a quick style fix me up.

2. Zara Marron Moccasins, DC Clothing Store – Sam Levy Village | I live in these moccasins just as much as I live in sunglasses! They are super comfortable and work with absolutely everything. From mom jeans to a cute summer frock to tailored pants. The colour is great for the winter season too.

3. Made With Love ZA Poncho, Industria Clothing Collective – One Hurworth Road | I got this stunning poncho last season after seeing one of my favourite influencers Olivia Palermo wearing one. The thing I love about it is the blanket effect that gives me soo many different ways to style it. It feels like a great replacement for a winter coat, especially with the constant shift of the winter weather; you can choose to throw it off during the day and then on later during the evening.

4. Honey Boho Bag, Honey Accessories | 2017 is the season for the boho bag. Slouchy yet stylish, it is super chic wrapped around your arm. I got this one from Honey and it came in three colours at the time; Black, Tan and Navy, complete with the pom pom.

5. Knits, Industria Clothing Collective – One Hurworth Road | It’s not every day you come along a really good vintage knit, but in my scenario knits will always stand the test of time. I make it a point to invest in new knits every season and for this season I got my hands on beanies for that cold evening chill, and that early morning jog. Pictured below is a vintage cable knit jersey, just to give you some inspiration for your knit purchase.

Photography by Erenez Photography.

Location – ISU Collections

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