The Winter Edit

Winter is my favourite season, because it gives me room to experiment with soo many of my knits, coats and favourite pair of boots. Although not much can be said for the winter in Harare, since it has been partly warmer than cooler; it didn’t stop me from pulling out a few winter faves here and then. Especially at any given opportunity if the weather was a bit dull or on the grey side. The Winter Edit consisted of my top 6 favourite pieces that I rocked this winter:

1. High Waisted Trousers

2. White Turtleneck

3. Knit/Infinity Scarf

4. White Denim

5. Ankle Boots

6. Trapeze Handbag

High Waisted Trousers

Probably my favourite thing to wear in this season was a pair of high waisted trousers. When I purchased them, it was purely love at first sight. From the high waisted fit, to the straight leg and the ocean green colour. These pants were the ultimate go-to for the city girl with a vintage twist.

Iman High Waisted Trousers Perfect Proportion

White Turtleneck

The turtleneck is a prized possession for its clean, crisp and fresh touch. The neutral colour makes it perfect to wear with anything and I particularly loved how it added a classic feel to anything I paired it with. The turtleneck and high waisted trousers took me back to the era of Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, where masculine dressing started to take shape with a dabble of femininity from the high waisted cut paired with a sleek court.

New Hipster Stylewhite turtleneck

Knit Scarf

Knits in the winter shall forever be a style staple. Besides the fact that they carry a luxurious feel, knits have stood the test of time by being super cozy and warm but also carrying a stylish factor when you tie them the right way.

the daileigh 2Knit Scarf

White Denim

Winter whites could have not been complete without a good pair of white denims. Just like the white turtleneck, white denim is part of the neutral family that works with anything in your closet, making it the new basic to denim chic.

the daileighJust The Favourites

Ankle Boots

This season’s favourite was the redefined cowboy boot and utility boot. I however kept it close to home and to my pocket by wearing my ankle wedges from past season. Still a stylish staple in a neutral colour, they cannot be compromised for their comfort and classic touch.

new hipsterGreen Envy

Trapeze Handbag

This might be a past season handbag on the international runway, but for me it wasn’t too late to jump on the bandwagon. Drawn to its simplistic but out of the box cut; it screamed stylist without having to say too much. And for me handbags are an obsession just like shoes are for other girls, so I went for it.

wpid-d3a86813e6d7428064996adf64e25e59.jpgTrapeze tote

What is a neutral colour?

Neutral colour are colours that are the middle man and fall in the safe zone! They are part of the neutral colour palette that works with any other adjacent colour. When we talk of neutrals we speak of black, brown, and white. Brown can further be broken down to shades of nude and beige, whilst black can go as far as charcoal depending on the intensity of light to dark.

This concludes “The Winter Edit of 2015”, giving you 6 of my favourite trends for the season. Now I want to know what has been your favourite winter trend to wear.

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