I cannot remember the last time I shared a post on my birthday, but as I write this I am very excited to share this special day. 27 | I was reflecting with myself for the past month or so, and I think everyone does when their birthday comes around. You look back at the year that was, what has happened, what you have achieved and who are you now. We could almost say it is kind of a mini assessment test for yourself. My assessment test is that I have realised I am young; and I don’t get to embrace that very much because I am tough on myself. I want to do my best in everything that God throws at me; whether it’s at work, for Signature Toscie, at home, in a relationship or my business – I strive for the best. But as I do that, I forget to have a little fun; experiment with life as we say. Travel a little more, make new friends, try something new! So I guess by now you are picking up what I will be doing more off in my year 27. One of the things I want to do is buy a bikini! Goodness I know! I am 27 young and don’t own a bikini?! To top it all off I am a Fashion Enthusiast and not once have I blinked an eye to buy a bikini. This is the year of self-love and my moment now. I have in the past talked about eating well, taking care of yourself, having the right balance and taking a holistic approach; but to be honest only now is the time I am doing it – less pressure on myself, more of taking it slow and easy.

So what is 27? 27 in my mind is Fabulous, Glamourous, Happy, Self-Righteous and most of all BE-YOUtil.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,


Outfit Details

Poloneck – Thrifted

Blanket Poncho – Made With Love ZA at Industria Clothing Collective

Fedora Hat – The Factory Store

Boyfriend Denim – MRP

Sunglasses – ZAFULA

Heels – The Travel Plaza

Photography – Erenez Photography

Location – ISU Collections