4 Years And Counting (6)I will begin by saying I always love to share progress – the term within itself depicts a lot of change, movement, growth, evolution. Something that I am obviously passionate about as young millennia we are on this constant journey to discover ourselves. Today we look into progress, looking back at the 4 years that has molded Signature Toscie into what you see today. Hard work, consistency and perseverance make for what the brand is evolving into! As we look back at our progress, it is exciting to see that the beauty section and online store mentioned in “Our 3rd Anniversary” is finally up and running. Other fabulous highlights? We moved to a new home last year, partaked in Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe as the Official Fashion Blogger, with the lovely Diana Opoti and Jan Malan.

If you would directly ask me how does 4 years of blogging feel like? It feels like a whole lot of ‘not giving up’ and networking with like-minded individuals. Four years of blogging also translates into taking pride and ownership of what you love to do and having the opportunity to embrace it with every chance you get. It might seem vain to say I live, breath and eat the blog, but it’s another way to express the constant journey of finding new ways to inspire, to create new content and to engage with you as my reader. The feedback and the messages are the priceless gift that I receive, appreciate and reflect upon.

As we celebrate four years of Signature Toscie, I thought to share with you five simple key notes to continuous blogging. Simple terms that speak volumes of transformation:

  • Consistency is KEY
  • Be original! There is only one VERSION of you and one VERSION of your blog.
  • Practice makes PERFECT! Rewrite, re-read and re-rinse until you get it right!
  • You are your own biggest fan. Do not seek validation from anyone other than yourself and GOD.
  • LOVE it! LOVE what you do. If it’s for you it will not tire you or bore you, but excites you when you discover something new.

I like progress because it shows commitment and passion. To be honest, four years only feels like I am just getting started all over again. Here’s to being inlove, fashionable, French, passionate and perseverance! Happy 4th Anniversary.

Bon Anniversaire!

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,

Signature Toscie!

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Outfit Details

Plaid Shirt – MRP

Circle Skirt – Tailor Made

Plaid Jacket – Thrifted

Brogues – JET Zimbabwe

Sunglasses – Toscie’s Closet

Neck piece – Toscie’s Closet

Silver Midi Rings – Available on the Signature Toscie Online Store

Bracelets – MRP

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