Taliana and Sneakers (1)I am not one to follow trends, very rarely I invest in them because trends usually don’t last very long. But for some reason I see myself being caught into the Athleisure trend where instead of the usual casual formal chic look completed with heels or cute flats, one switches it up and wears sneakers instead. And social media seems to be a-buzz with the Nike Unisex Roshe range that seems to be a favourite everywhere. However I took on this trend because it somehow interlinks with my new fitness regime, and it just so happens I invested in a pair of running sneakers to upkeep my goal. So it was a quick no-brainer when I decided to pair my Bata kicks with the Taliana yellow dress completed with my mini black tote to give it a comfortable street style look! I am always looking for something versatile, comfortable and instantly on-the-go when running around, and from the looks of things this ensemble came out perfectly! Now athleisure is one of the few trends that I plan to openly embrace in the upcoming winter because sneakers are both comfortable and stylish this season. Be reminded that this trend isn’t limited to your ready to wear clothing but can take it a bit further and actually go full on workout gear as an outfit for your day, cool right! It gives you can excuse to take a chance and wear stylish joggers and oversized sweatshirts all day. Furthermore I like the idea of playing around with fashion and adding sneakers and/or trainers instead of the usual good ol’ pumps, it gives you a good reason to draw much needed style attention in Harare. Since I am raving soo much over this trend, I thought to take it a little bit further and inspire you with some of these looks that you can re-create for your own athleisure vibe. Check out some of my favourite posts on the athleisure trend on these blogs:

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Outfit Details

Dress – Taliana (Available at Industria Clothing Collective)

Bag – Toscie’s Closet

Shoes – Power Trainers at Bata Zimbabwe

Gold Spiked and Pearl Bracelet – Available on the Signature Toscie Online Store

Silver Midi Rings – Available on the Signature Toscie Online Store

Sunglasses – Toscie’s Closet

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,

Signature Toscie.

Taliana and Sneakers (2) Taliana and Sneakers (3) Taliana and Sneakers (4) Taliana and Sneakers (5) Taliana and Sneakers (6) Taliana and Sneakers (7)