ELIXIR (3) ELIXIR (4) ELIXIR (6)Chasing your dreams is a beautiful experience. It’s one that leads you into timeless adventures of learning, failing, making mistakes, conquering and still somehow having the strength to get up and move forward. Chasing your dreams is also scary, daunting and unforeseeable. I am chasing my dream in fashion, I think have always been chasing it but sometimes as a human you are unaware of your actions or the path that you are already crafting for yourself. One of the dreams I have had and have been working on is my Clothing Line for the blog. I have been working on it for over a year now, with variations in a Capsule Collection I would like to call “ELIXIR”. Elixir is a scientific term for a cure; border-lining medicinal mixtures and liquid solutions. “A sweetened aromatic solution of water and alcohol that is used as a medication to preserve for a cure”. Being a natural science fanatic, I opted to put two and two together to create what symbolizes understanding fashion as a culture and style as a perseverance. It is interesting how I have come to fuse the two. The new Clothing Line represents a lot of the elements of the blog already with dedication in style, cut, fit, design with a dash of glamour! The ELIXIR Collection will consist of tailor made blazers, coats, jackets, kimonos and vests that are stylish and ready to wear; transcending through both summer and winter seasons. ELIXIR will be based on a pre-order basis with style consultations on the online store and email platform. This extension and expansion of the blog is super exciting because future plans are to bring you the reader closer to what the ‘Signature Toscie’ blog emulates and believes in. Remember this is the year of #TheEvolution, so you will see a lot of projects that will push me out of my comfort zone. I feel a part of me owes you an apology for the sporadic postings as of late, but that is because I am working on being a better version of myself. This new Clothing Line is an extension of what style truly represents to me and the modern Zimbabwean woman. It also highlights how I feel about perfection and articulation in clothing. And it shows how I wish to extend my knowledge and ideas of the clothing and textile industry in Zimbabwe. This Clothing Line is closely dear to my heart so expect only the best. What’s the point of chasing your dreams, without taking some much needed risk?


I decided to give the first look of the ELIXIR blazer a casual flair, paired with a pair of jeans and feminine button front blouse. I completed the ensemble with a large black tote and wide bream hat. This look is primarily effortless and chic, with the added long length blazer for style whilst still on the go! This look can also be a substitute for a casual/formal setting with a great pair of heels. The print on this blazer is very universal, with the bold yellow that is both eye catching and transcended for various occasions. Added bonus factor is you can either add a brooch or a belt to this blazer OR wear it as a dress.

Order your stylish blazer via email signaturetoscie@gmail.com OR contact +263 772 627 722 (both whatsapp and call). Local and International enquiries/orders are welcome.


Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,


ELIXIR (1) ELIXIR (2) ELIXIR (5)Photography by One Point Eight Photography