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How To Shop Online on ZAFUL (And ship to Zimbabwe!)

I have made it no secret of how much I admire a good jacket, let alone how many times that fetish has been documented on this blog. But I will not delve into it much, because I don’t want to seem repetitive. But then again, there is no harm in a good “rinse n’ repeat”. So the tuxedo jacket is a newbie in the closet to which I am quite frankly obsessing over since it arrived in July. I purchased this Tux piece alongside the Framed Aviators over on ZAFUL, as a birthday gift for myself. It took 4 weeks for both of the items to arrive via Zimpost, but it was worth the wait because I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect gift for myself, and of course in the right colour too! (Black, anyone?). This post will not be your typical OOTD, but I would like to actually share my experience of online shopping as a blogger in Zimbabwe. I know a lot of fashion forward young women and men in Zimbabwe have had to online shop once or twice before, especially in the search for something unique and unparalleled in Zimbabwe. I know this because I have done it quite a few times, trying to find something that is uniquely for me.

Now online shopping can be super fun, it’s a lot more comfortable than say the queues at your favourite boutique or having to try on several items in the changing room. Plus nothing beats a good glass of sweetened wine whilst you online shop and throw in a few “ohhh’s” and “ahhhs” whilst marvelling on your own over your computer. Good excuse for a me-time right? So without further ado, let’s get right into it, How To Shop Online with ZAFUL (And Ship to Zimbabwe)!.

So ZAFUL is one of the fastest emerging fast fashion online shopping sites alongside recognisable sites such as Romwe and SheIn just to name a few. These sites have trendy and season favourite fashion at the fraction of international retail and designer price. When we speak of international retail, I am summing up fast fashion retail chains such as Nordstrom, Forever 21 and H & M.

  1. Start off by browsing through. There is usually a variety of clothing in different looks and styles. I browsed over the site thrice, looking through the different categories, trying to pinpoint an outfit that works with my personality and style. I noticed ZAFUL had a lot of summer dresses; which I will say was quite tempting to say the least. But since I am adding value to my closet, I knew exactly what I wanted.
  2. Know your size. Go through the size chart at least twice before selecting your preferred size. Sites like ZAFUL are based in China and the European coast, so in most cases the sizes tend to differ from the African coast. I was lucky I am a global small (Size 0 or 6) so my size was a no brainer; but in some cases if you order a small from that side, chances are it might come as an extra small due to the sizing of the chart. So know your size and measurements. Be sure to double check at least TWICE before hitting the check-out button.
  3. Read the reviews. The great thing about online shopping is that most of the websites come with a review section at the bottom. Read these reviews just to get a second opinion from past purchases. In most cases reviews don’t lie and will help you decide to purchase the item or not. You can take it up a notch by googling for Youtube videos of Blogger and Clothing Hauls; tonnes of bloggers have Hauls on the particular site they shopped on, their experience and a rundown of the product they purchased.
  4. Double Check before check- out. So you have chosen the items you want to order, you have checked the size chart and the price, you have read the reviews and seem satisfied. This is when you now click on the check-out button of your shopping cart to officially place your order. Before you do so, make sure you double check twice just to make sure everything is correct! Because you only have once chance to ship these items! The return fee when it arrives here in Zimbabwe and Africa is pretty hefty. Be safe and sure, and make that double check!
  5. Shipping Method at check- out. Now here is where you decide how you wish for your package to arrive. You are given multiple options of shipping to the country of destination (Standard and Express shipping). In several cases, you will be given;
    by post or freight/courier (which is DHL and FedEx). By post it is cheaper but takes a little longer, about 2-4 weeks whilst by courier it will take about 3 – 10 working days; although it is a much more expensive option. My package came via Zimpost, so it took a while. Next you choose your payment method, whether you wish to pay via Mastercard, VISA or Paypal; it’s really up to you.
  6. Tracking your order. So as soon as you purchase your order, you will immediately receive your tracking number via email. This number will allow you to track your order from the minute you purchase to the minute it arrives at its destination. You can track via the site you ordered from or 17 Track HERE. When I tracked my order it took approximately two weeks to arrive in Harare, although I only collected it four weeks after the purchasing date since it had to be processed via zimpost.
  7. Arrival at the Post Office. Since I chose by post as my shipping method; my package arrived via the main post office which is Zimpost here in Zimbabwe, then later it was shipped to our local post office. Obviously it is protocol for zimpost to check items in the package so it was opened and resealed back when I collected it.
  8. Customs Duty and ZIMRA Charges. Online shopping can be great! But not soo much when you have to pay a substantial fee to collect your items. I paid US$19.00 to collect my package (the same amount I used to actually purchase the two items online!). There is no running away from paying your duty, so make sure you are prepared for this round, because the heavier your items the more you pay. The items I purchased only weighed 300 grams on the postal slip.

As for the two items I purchased from ZAFUL, the Black Tuxedo Mini Dress and Rose Gold Aviator sunglasses; they came in great shape. I am satisfied with both items especially in the area of quality and fitting. I however prefer to wear the mini dress as a jacket because of the length; it is quite short but actually looks great as a longer length jacket. The sunglasses are rose gold, to which I absolutely love the colour and the frame making them a great addition to my growing sunglasses collection.

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Outfit Details

Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses – ZAFUL

Black Shawl Tuxedo Dress – ZAFUL (Sold Out)

Black Dress (worn as a top) – MRP

Champagne Midi Length Pencil Skirt – Thrifted

Midi Rings – MRP

Heels – One Stop Fashions

Photography by One Point Eight Pictures

Location – Moto Republik

So this is my blog haul on online shopping and shipping to Zimbabwe. Please feel free to comment, ask questions or share your experience of online shopping here in Zimbabwe. Where you satisfied with the package you purchased? How long did it take to arrive? Share your experiences below! I am waiting to read them.

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,


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