maddison-lane-1 maddison-lane-2I will begin by saying when I spotted the name “Maddison Lane” I was quite delighted. My mind quickly had a reminiscent of a fashion boulevard and with an “Old Hollywood Glamour mixed with a Modern Rendition”. Fashion icons such as Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel came to mind as the epitome of Old Hollywood Glamour with a Modern Rendition of Victoria Beckham. And can you believe all this came to mind as I was shopping at Industria during the Summer Launch party! I will admit I love getting lost in fashion and discovering new things; it’s a mini adventure just for myself as I am always on this beautiful quest to find amazing clothing in Harare. I will also admit that I spend a lot of time at Industria because it pinpoints the exact closet I have in mind and one that I am building for myself. You could say I am a little biased but I can assure you there are three stores in Harare that are my go-to for the absolute most in quality and gorgeous fashion; Passport Boutique, Industria Clothing Collective and Mel’s Touch. I value the shopping experience and customer service above everything else; and affordability to a stunning piece. Why I say this is because you truly or rarely find something spectacular or special in Harare anymore; something you can hold dear and tell a story about. Although yes the fashion game is changing and shifting, which is wonderful to watch; I would like the nostalgia of a good ol’ statement piece that I can tell a story about. Maddison Lane tells a story of pure modern elegance; it’s simple, comfortable but breath taking! I love how I am falling in love with dresses and that I made this discovery with Industria. Just to think a year ago I was die – hard in denim and trousers. It could be the sizzling summer weather in Harare or it could be I finally found a perfect fit..? Whatever it maybe, I assure you I am avidly enjoying it.

Remember when I spoke about investment pieces and building your closet on the blog? Well, the 3 stores mentioned above fit that exact detail! If you wish to know more about these stores and any further detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on my email, and I will point you to the right direction.

Outfit Details

Tan Summer Hat – 365 Mart

Rose Gold Sunglasses – Zaful

Maddison Lane Cobalt Blue Sheath Dress – Industria Clothing Collective

Mini Black Tote – Toscie’s Closet

Black Stilettos – One Stop Fashions

maddison-lane-3 maddison-lane-4 maddison-lane-5 maddison-lane-8 maddison-lane-9 maddison-lane-10 maddison-lane-11 maddison-lane-12Photography by Optimass Art ZW

Location – Moto Republik

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous