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If you asked me what my favourite fashion era was, I would undoubtedly say the 1950s, 60s and the 70s were my favourites. The clothes were made to an archetypal fit with a straight silhouette that I think completes my figure quite well. The clothing and styles of those eras are slowly coming back, but with a more modern aesthetic attached to them. At this point I would like to recall statements people have had about my figure; positive statements of course which ultimately praise the tiny frame I possess. I think it’s wonderful that I catch people’s admiration, and of course it makes me feel good. And yes to a certain degree they have a point that I should embrace my body as it is. In fact I should flaunt it instead of hiding it in “the eras” that I am soo fond off; but truth is I haven’t had the courage to go that route. Of course I have tried, but living in Zimbabwe makes you take a step back before you waltz out of the house in shorts or mid riff bearing top. I would want to say I envy that confidence, but right now isn’t the time for that. Maybe someday my thoughts and lifestyle will change and I will be finally able to embrace the body I have instead of cover it – but that will have to be in a different scenario and location.

The Modern Muse is an inter-mix of the 70s era with modern culture. The blouse and the trousers depict the 70s groovy vibe but with an added twist with the head wrap.


Head wrap – Toscie’s Closet

Sunglasses – Arundel Village

Blouse – Thrifted

Trousers – Arundel Village

Heels – Wardrobe Mix

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