Its now summer and i’m grinning because i’m excited for the change in weather. Although this ensemble is very laid back and chic, there is alot going on with this look that i would like to share. First and foremost i’m going to enlighten you on “power clashing”; yes its Power Clashing! I didn’t know this statement before but i came across it a few weeks ago on the Style Network (i’m a little well known addict), and i was more than eager to try it out because what’s fashion without experimenting..? So, power clashing is basically putting an ensemble together with different (if not un-matching) prints that basically clash OR wearing three (3) different colours (NOT colour blocking) to put an outfit together.
I, however decided to be minimalist and stick to my usual neutral pattern, nothing too out there or in your face since i wore this look to church. I worked with just two colours being brown and green with the white just pulling things together (total being three here).
The green colour is with my sling purse as well as the hint of colour on the skirt and the brown is combined in the blazer jacket and my Bata pumps (which aren’t new to the blog).

Second to this Clashing phenomenon is that this chocolate-y brown blazer and the printed circle skirt are relatively new and i bought them in town. The jacket is from a store by Eastgate and the circle skirt was bought in Star Face Fashions right across Ximex mall (and for a steal too!). I wanted to take this opportunity to combine them as i’m extremely trying to breakaway from always wearing denim.

I further decided to add my doek just for the fun of things..

*Furthermore this look is also great with heels or a wedge to add on some sophistication, i choose flats because my height can at times be intimidating.

PS: its safe to say that i love the circle skirt trend right now; which is just lovely for summer. You might be seeing a lot more of this skirt and jacket on the blog.

I leave you with a little bit of Inspiration from Mucha (Original African Couture);

Mucha (Original African Couture)
Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Stay Gorg and Glam,