happy-newyear2017Happy 2017!

Each time the New Year rolls around, there is always a flair of excitement and positive energy all around. I spent the whole of yesterday (1 January 2017) on social media reading all the amazing New Year posts and videos. I was just taking it all in and embracing the joy as I wrote my own Instagram post. There is always that certain sparkle that comes with the new season; with everyone preparing their new year’s resolutions and goals. I know for a fact in 2017 I will be focusing more on goals rather than resolutions. You see with goals, you have a clear map and indication on how you will go about achieving something whilst a resolution is more broader and can sometimes tend to be tricky to decipher. Take for example if you had a resolution that said “I will embrace wearing more make-up”; now as a resolution there is nothing wrong with it but how do you intend to wear more makeup? Do you intend to buy more foundation, or maybe you intend to find the right actual shade of foundation for your skin? How do you intend to go about it? See that’s how setting a goal works, you work around getting there and actually achieving it than just stating it on a piece of paper. Whilst we are at it, break down your goals into smaller and more simplified versions. How about per month you put aside some money to buy that velvet red shade of lipstick OR save enough to get a mini makeover at your local spa or make up boutique. You can achieve this by setting an ample amount aside and target to achieve it say by your birthday. When you are setting goals you plan and by planning you write it down, do some research, calculate your resources and stay committed to it!

For this new year, I will be adding more lifestyle, health and self-development, as Signature Toscie will no longer be a blog but a website. I am tempted to start talking about the growth factor again, but I have done that on a few occasions on the blog. So this “growth” factor will be witnessed in the self-development that will emerge as the year goes along.

Now since we have switched things up for 2017; what are you goals for the New Year and how best do you intend to achieve them?

Outfit Details

Sunglasses – ZAFUL

Tank Top – Toscie’s Closet

Neckpiece – Toscie’s Closet

Pleated Skirt – Thrifted

Heels – One Stop Fashions/Sole 4 Sole

Fringe bag – Toscie’s Closet

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,


Happy New Year 2017