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I might have been over-doing these red heels lately, but recently I have discovered just how in control they make me feel. I used to give them the side eye because I absolutely dreaded the aches after an evening out – but then I decided to reconstruct my mind (and add a little double sided sticky tape at the back of my heel) and voila! I received this new found renewal for them! Bonus points because they always add that extra edge to my looks.

So the blog turns 3 today! 18 May 2012 will always be an important date for Signature Toscie,every year I try to celebrate it because it constantly reminds me of the real reason why i started Signature Toscie and how far I have come. That fateful day at my Varsity library upstairs in the computer’s section will forever be etched at the back of my mind because I finally had my own arena to express my silly ideas without any prejudice whatsoever. I still remember how I was stuck between Blogger and WordPress, and infact the only reason I chose Blogger as my blogging platform was because of three fashion bloggers I read about at the time in Glamour SA Magazine (Superficial Girls’ Carlinn, Palesa and The Quirky Stylista’s Funeka). But now, fast forward 3 years and the blog has moved, slowly transforming into a website; a vision that wouldn’t have to come to my mind in the past. And very soon I will be bringing you a beauty section, and hopefully in the near future an online store.

There is soo much I would want to say in this post but I would like to keep it short and sweet. I cannot close this post by not saying that Signature Toscie has brought about change in my life, it has made me grow, meet like-minded individuals and draw me out of my comfort zone. Although I have the occasional doubt, like any young woman would have, I have trained my mind to come out of it stronger.

So today I want to invite you and also thank you for being a part of Signature Toscie, even if it’s been in the smallest way. Your contribution and support has gotten us to three years!

Bon Anniversaire!

With love from my red heels and current turban obsession,


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Leopard print scarf (tied as Headwrap) – Sage, Joina City

Cable knit jersey – Vintage closet find

Turtle neck – Gifted

White Denim – Gifted

Triple band ring – ChipoLace Accessories

Red Heels – Wardrobe Mix

Lips – Avon Comfort Caramel lipstick with Sleek Rose Lipglass

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