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Review of Pokello Pink Bottoms by Pokello Nare – Kumordzie

Audrey Hepburn once said “I believe in Manicures, I believe in overdressing, I believe in Primping at leisure and wearing lipstick, I believe in PINK”! Pink is the ultimate form of glamour and femininity (at least in my little world it is). So I don’t think it would come as a surprise that is post is centred on the colour pink and it is immediately tied to the Pokello Pink Bottoms by Pokello Nare – Kumordzie. Mrs. Kumordzie was one of the guest speakers at my inaugural Signature Toscie Style Sessions were she displayed her Proudly Zimbabwean shoe line (Made In Italy of course), and opened up to our guests about her shoe fetish and how she ultimately turned it into a business. Personally I love the idea of taking an innate passion and making it into an actual venture that goes beyond a personal realm. It’s not ever quite easy to take a personal obsession and actually turn it into a hobby; let alone a business and into a success story! (so kudos to you Pokello!)

So the Pokello Pink Bottoms are a Proudly Zimbabwean and African shoe line with a Pink sole finish,that caters to the Modern African Fashionista. Available in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique; the Pink Bottoms are a combination of three collections; “Size Me Up”, “Spell My Name” and the “Housemates”. Within this post I am wearing a pair of heels from the Housemates collection that has a total of 13 Fashion Forward and vibrant colours:

Ada Black

Ria Rouge

Betty Blue

Fatima Navy

Natasha Show

Gold Deposit

Cleo Ice

Kessy Mint

Anna Banana

Koki Pink

Motamma Malt

Nude Monroe

Tropical Selly.

All 13 shoes are named after the 13 female housemates that Pokello stayed and connected with during her participation on the Big Brother Africa Season 8 reality show. Her inspiration behind the Pink Bottoms collection was pretty simple;

“I took inspiration from my 3 favourite shoe designers, Sophia Webster for her feminine and soft colours, Sergio Rossi for his seductive shapes and elegant lines and of course Christian Louboutin for his signature trait and dizzy heights. I have incorporated all those elements but paid more attention to the wide feet of an African Woman, making sure the frontal dimensions of the shoe allowed the toes to be comfortably embedded.” – PokelloPinkBottoms.com

The Signature Toscie Review

I am all about supporting local Zimbabwean products, even moreso now as I discover the beauty behind the dedication and inspiration of some amazing local brands. Undoubtedly Pokello Pink Bottoms are a first of its kind in Zimbabwe; although yes most people may argue over the price (they retail for US$150.00), you will have to consider purchasing a one of a kind piece that is tied to both style, quality and comfort. In the pictures I am wearing Natasha Show which undeniably looked stunning with the silver sequined evening shift dress from Posh. I love the height of the heels, which made me feel empowered and true to her word, they fit snuggly. I recommend them if you aspire to own a Louboutin but still want value for your money, something closer to home (the African Continent) and feel fabulous! Pokello also took into consideration the importance of good packaging; the shoes come in a divine Pink drawstring bag plus a gold plated carry bag with her name “Pokello” written over. When you look into the overall presentation of the Pokello Pink Bottoms and that it is a designer shoe brand; I think the price fits the bill for something elegant, timeless and designer. The range of Pokello Pink Bottoms are currently available at Posh in Joina City, First Floor.

Infamous for her love of bright pink lipstick which is the signature eye catching aspect of her brand; the neon pink under the shoes is definitely the selling point of the “Pokello Pink Bottoms”. PokelloPinkBottoms.com

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,


pokello-pink-bottoms-1 pokello-pink-bottoms-7 pokello-pink-bottoms-11 pokello-pink-bottoms-12Outfit Details

Silver Sequin Shift Dress – POSH

Shoes – Pokello Pink Bottoms in Natasha Show

Bracelet – Gifted

Sunglasses – ZAFUL

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Photography by Zezuru Creatives.