Olive Green Midi Skirt Olive Green Midi Skirt Olive Green Midi Skirt Olive Green Midi Skirt Olive Green Midi SkirtI will admit I am a little late on this trend’s bandwagon, primarily because I told myself no box braids due to the undeniable fear of maintaining them let alone styling them. But as you can see, I have had a change of heart and I am currently giving them a go! What inspired me to write this post was as per request by a hair blogger and regular Signature Toscie reader whom eagerly pointed out how box braids fit the fit (Thank you honey!). For those who may not be aware, Box braids were synonymously made popular in 2012/2013 with the onset of The Natural Hair Movement when Solange Knowles started making strong and bold statements towards her hair and fashion. This culminated into that movement today which is still going strong on social media and various blogs; of course we cannot entirely accredit Solange because box braids has been around since before our time.

Box braids season is new to Signature Toscie, and if you have been following on my Instagram; I had started a two month budget friendly program for myself where I manage my closet, lifestyle and including my hair. However I liked it soo much that I have decided to push it for the whole of 2016, simply because I like a challenge. It’s me managing my choices towards fashion and being a modern, smart lady. One of the recent posts on that fashion aspect is the Nude Colour Palette, which you can find HERE – focusing on investing in closet colours that can withstand space, time and seasons. Besides trying out box braids as a new do’, I had also taken the liberty to do some research on simple tips to maintaining ethnic and/or natural hair. This list is from my own personal experiences trying to take care of my hair whether relaxed or natural.

The Coconut Oil Myth – truth is coconut oil does not work for everyone! Yes, most hair blogs recommend coconut oil especially towards natural hair but honestly speaking it works on certain textures of hair. It’s not for everyone, so don’t believe the hype.

Aloe Vera Softener – yes this works! In fact any product with or direct aloe vera works well to soften natural or relaxed hair. It’s none sticky and light.

Eat Avocado – not only can you create homemade hair masks using avocado, but eating it is a great bonus factor as well!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – I didn’t realise that one of my failed attempts at natural hair was because I did not adequately moisturize my hair. Sure I did twice to thrice a week but the secret is to moisturize every day! Even with a simple spritz if you are on the go and hair wash on the weekend, try not to compromise it. Because the love you feed into your hair, is the love it will feed you right back! Try to do your research on product ingredients. I was not aware that I was using the wrong products for ethnic hair and bought products because of the hype and branding. If you want great results from your natural/ethnic try to avoid shampoos with the ingredient sulphur or sulphate because it is an acid and makes your hair super dry and brittle. If you can, look out for products that emphasize on natural as an element or caption, because those products are specifically made to cater for natural hair.

I am sure if you have noticed, I emphasized a lot on natural in the above context, to which yes part of my “Miss Toscie Budgetary Program” is cutting back on relaxer and experimenting with alternative sources so that I get the most out of this experience. Remember my hair is a canvas so it’s not official that I am going back to natural just yet…. Watch this space!

P.S. what do you think of the new hair do’? Do We love? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous

Signature Toscie ♥