The Salon Chair Chronicles

Who Does Your Hair?

I love it when a man does my hair! Contrary to the belief that women are the best hairdressers; I believe that men do a much better job. A woman who invests in her hair can concur that men always do a stellar job. In no way am I being bias, but if we run down the service, articulation, professionalism and just the general attitude (I have not heard a man’s salon gossip session; if you have please point me to that direction!). Then all my points are rallied to a man doing my hair; either a touch up session or braiding.

Last when we had the salon chair chronicles, we touched on “transitioning from natural to relaxed hair”. Nothing much has changed except that I have cut my hair shorter. I guess with growth and finding peace, I truly find my comfort in having short hair. Especially during the hot summer season, short hair is just versatile and simple to style (simple if you have all the right hair products). My hair care regimen still comprises of the Dark and Lovely products I use, but now I added Wrapping lotion and/or mousse to tame fly-a ways or rough edges which come with maintaining short hair.

Back to the topic of Who does your hair? I am sure it has come to both our realisations that women have to have two salon points of doing their hair; one session at home and another at the salon. The second part is that every woman should have at least two hairdressers (depending on your preferences you could have one that does your weave and another who relaxes OR colour treats your hair). In my scenario I have one point person for braiding and another for the relax and oil treatment session. Why is this important to have two different people? It is always safe to have strictly two people who understand your hair texture and tenure, no two hairdressers are the same especially when it comes to ethnic hair and styling. Having too many hairdressers OR constantly changing them, is not advisable because each particular one will come to you with different options for your hair, which in some scenarios will just frustrate you. Know and understand your hairdresser and communicate with them what you want done to your hair, if you feel uncomfortable or unheard then you have every right to change your point person.

The cardinal rule is that Your hairdresser is your hair’s best friend! Confide in someone who tells you the truth and understand your hair’s journey. With that I conclude by saying I love it when a man does my hair!

Now unto you; who does your hair and how do you like to get your hair done? Share with me in the comments below!

The Salon Chair ChroniclesThe Salon Chair ChroniclesThe Salon Chair ChroniclesThe Salon Chair ChroniclesThe Salon Chair Chronicles

Outfit Details;

Dress worn as Top – MRP

High waisted pants – Thtifted at Arundel Village

Heels – Bata Shoes Zimbabwe

Midi Rings and Sunglasses – MRP