Welcome To Signature Toscie

Hi, my name is Tendai. I am the Founder and Creative Director of Signature Toscie Fashion & Lifestyle; a proudly Zimbabwean blog cum brand that caters for the Modern African Woman who loves the finer things in life and is on a continuous fashion journey. I love Fashion, it is as pretty simple as that! And I have been writing for the past 5 years. On this day (18 May 2012), I started Signature Toscie as a blog to express myself and my love for fashion. It was a platform that aimed to bridge the gap of the fashion industry through my own eyes and sharing the information plus the adventures I encountered. I covered everything from fashion, events, boutiques, launch parties, local designers and my own personal style musings. I was also a Contributing Writer, Fashion Editor, Stylist and Social Media Manager at some point for various local publications. I further went onto to start an online store that unfortunately failed. I have achieved all these wonderful things over the course of 5 years as I went from university student, to graduate to unemployed as a young Zimbabwean Woman. Today is very special, it is a special day where I celebrate the first day I wrote and posted a blog post. It is a huge milestone to look back and celebrate 5 years of doing what you absolutely love. It is even more special because I am excited to share the turnaround of Signature Toscie into a Brand and no longer a Blog. Not only was the time right to grow and express my keen interest in the fullness of the Zimbabwean Fashion Industry as a self-taught Consultant but also as an Entrepreneur working with other women and discovering the amazing talent that boasts in my country.

As we relaunch Signature Toscie with a new look website today, I am excited to announce our in house developments that have already been present and underway on social media for little over a while now. They represent every essence of what Signature Toscie stands for in terms of Class, Sophistication, Style and of course Glamour. They are as follows:

ELIXIR – Elegance and Luxury combined, ELIXIR is a Bespoke Tailored clothing line by Signature Toscie that is both locally and proudly Zimbabwean, with a selection of Stylish Blazers and Beautiful Dresses. It is a clothing line that aims to make every woman feel beautiful in every detail, structure and stitch to our creation. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows and understands herself and exudes confidence that talks through her clothing. We achieve this by making sure you dress well and for your fit.

The Style Sessions – The Style Sessions are a Women’s Empowerment Style Brunch hosted on a quarterly basis with the aim to Inspire, Motivate and Empower women through the Business of Fashion. The first ever Style Sessions were hosted at Harare’s first Creative Hub for Entrepreneurs, Moto Republik with our line-up of guest speakers being Pokello Nare – Kumordzie of Pokello Pink Bottoms and Lillian Madyara of Hollywood Lee. The second Style Sessions were hosted at the British Council with a line-up of Beauty and Wellness Entrepreneurs that included Langa Lloyd of Langa Cosmetics, Yoga Coach & Enthusiast Tendai Angela Jambga and Nyasha Shingai Adler, a Natural Hair Enthusiast. The third instalment of the Style Sessions will be hosted in August 2017, with details of speakers and venue to be announced in due course.

The Tendai Kamusikiri Foundation – As the name suggests, this is a Foundation under my name and close to my heart as I dive into the important topic of health and wellness centred around Anaemia; as a deficiency in one’s diet and how to manage it. I felt the need to tackle it as a foundation because of the lack of information especially for the African Woman in our communities, societies and online to taking a more holistic approach to tackling issues pertaining to health and actively engaging them in dialogue. The Foundation will cover the 3 main factors of balance which is the mind, body and soul extending further into topics on food, recipes, fitness and wellness.

As I write this, I cannot contain my excitement and joy for our 5th Anniversary. I make it a point each year to celebrate each milestone. I remember I did an interview earlier in the year and I was asked how have you managed to adapt for all these years? It was a pretty simple answer for me because I love and enjoy fashion, not forgetting how much intrigue and curiosity I have for the industry in Zimbabwe. It’s quite small and collaborations don’t last very long, but a big part of me wants to see it flourish and grow because I believe fashion is always going to be forever! With this re-launch, I kindly invite you to sign up to our newsletter which you receive every week, with new updates and notifications on all things fashion & lifestyle with a dash of glamour! We are also currently running our #5AndFabulous promotion this May where we are giving away 5 Hampers to 5 fabulous ladies, including a custom made ELIXIR blazer as the big prize. Details of the giveaway are posted on our social media, so follow us to stay in the loop!

And with that I welcome you and re-introduce you to the new look Signature Toscie Website!

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,


White Slip Dress – Old

Nude Sleeveless Blazer – ELIXIR

Tote – From My Closet

Heels – Travel Plaza

Sunglasses – ZAFUL

Hairpiece – Honey Accessories

Watch – Old

Brooch – Pin + Neckpiece

Photography by Erenez Photography

Location – ISU Collections