The Tendai Kamusikiri Foundation – Dietary Supplement and Wellness for Iron Deficiency

The Foundation
Following up from the “Skinny Girl Shaming” post, I would like to dive into the full introduction and briefing for The Tendai Kamusikiri Foundation. I am super excited as I write this because I have been doing research and development on what the foundation will be based on and what it can do for you. The Tendai Kamusikiri Foundation is a Health organisation under the Signature Toscie brand, which is aimed at openly discussing and making impact towards Iron Deficiency and the betterment of Women’s Diet & Lifestyle. As a follow up to “Skinny Girl Shaming”; the Foundation will start off here on the site with articles, food reviews, how to’s, fitness and exercise. Now the main two definitions of the Foundation is emphasis on adequate Health and good Wellness; which in simple translation is the Dietary Supplement and Wellness. As mentioned prior {I will continue to refer to the “Skinny Girl Shaming” post for better understanding}, I felt that there wasn’t enough or appropriate information online that documents or openly shares what Iron Deficiency is especially for the African Woman; yet it affects majority of the modern African Woman. I could be wrong, and there might be ample information out there that might have passed me by or that I am not aware off, but my passion still runs deep for this new Foundation and I am excited to share the information I have been gathering thus far.

Dietary Supplement
Iron Deficiency (Anaemia) is a common ailment and/or deficiency in women affecting women of both an older and younger generation where classifications can be from child bearing age to post-menopausal stage. The main characteristic of iron deficiency is the inadequate supply of blood within the human body which subsequently affects a lot of factors within the body such as constant dizzy spells, palpitations, mood swings that alter your appetite, constantly weak and tired. There are further two variations to Anaemia which are the Iron Deficiency Anaemia due to lack of iron within the body and Sickle Cell Anaemia which has a more genetic reference. But I would like to point out that the Foundation will focus more on Iron Deficiency Anaemia due to lack of iron within the body (hence Dietary Supplement and Wellness). As a major co-efficient within the normal functioning of the human body, the lack or iron results in various health ailments such as poor absorption of other minerals into the body and impairment of brain functioning.

With the dietary supplement, the main focus is on creating a holistic and healthier approach that is affordable and accessible. Some of the foods in question are our everyday spinach, pumpkin leaves and baobab fruit pulp; and simply taking a strict 8 glasses of water a day. Iron deficiency has to do a lot with diet, which in the African context is hugely a concern due to lack of resources and economical strains. The diet in most African nations is made up of mainly starch, carbohydrates and fat; which only constitute 3/5 of a recommended full balanced diet.

The Tendai Kamusikiri Foundation aims to make a woman feel beautiful inside and out, with all the right ingredients and holistic health practices for a fully satisfying and nourishing lifestyle! For the Modern Woman this means the right diet, exercise and mental health to create the perfect balance. It may seem far-fetched or almost unattainable but these 3 factors are important into achieving a sense of equilibrium in one’s life. Especially now that we live in a generation where there are many opportunities for women; we need to find efficient ways to take care of ourselves whilst we hustle in style! The wellness aspect will cover food, recipes, motivation, inspiration and mental health {self-love, affirmations and development}.

All these combinations will mould into a Foundation that aims to build, inspire and motivate from personal experiences as the writer and from stories of other women that read this post.

Stay Gorgeous and Glamourous,

Founder of The Tendai Kamusikiri Foundation